Fairway Maritime LLC is proud to be taking part in this year's CT Challenge. Being local to Southport, CT we frequently pass by the Mission center when out and about in town and we look forward to helping them raise a new record amount in 2018.

Our team consists of colleagues and friends from other local companies (mainly in the maritime industry) who share a similar view as we do, that we should help support local organizations who are doing great things for the community such as Mission. 

We hope you will join us by supporting our ride with a donation or by joining our team. Your gift will help cancer survivors of all ages in so many ways - from summer camp for children to college for teenagers and confidence-building adventure trips for young adults to the groundbreaking Mission Training Center and the exercise, nutrition and community-building programs incubated there and shared throughout the U.S. to help all who battle cancer reclaim their lives. 

The programs funded by the CT Challenge Ride were renamed Mission in 2017 to better position them as a flagship for cancer survivors everywhere. Mission exists to inspire everyone who has stared down cancer to live a fuller life, with newfound strength and purpose. There are no limits. See more at yourmission.org

You can make a secure online donation here or by clicking on the "Donate Now" button, printing out a donor form and sending it in with a check. Thank you so much. Together, we're changing lives. 



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$6,680.00 Raised
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