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Here's the personal stuff:

It is true that I am a cancer survivor, but in my case I consider myself very fortunate in that while beating this particular form of cancer (HPV+ Squamous Cell Carcinoma) was no picnic it was relatively quick and is seemingly gone for good. This is not something I will be living in fear of returning, and there have been no significant life altering side effects that will serve as a constant reminder of the episode. 

However there were things I experienced during my treatment that will stay with me forever. The one that inspires me the most towards engaging in a fundraising effort were the children that I saw at the cancer center waiting to receive their treatments. The process of receiving both radiation and chemotherapy wreaked havoc on me, and in my case I received small-ish doses of each. I am at an age that even as a layman I could somewhat understand what was happening and why. That did not make it any less miserable of an experience. When I looked at these kids I could only imagine how scary it may have felt for them. Where my treatment only lasted about 4 weeks, many folks I encountered were in the midst of a months-long if not years-long process. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a large part of your childhood defined by this disease, potentially with the backdrop of not knowing if were going to live or die. It broke my heart then and it breaks my heart now to think of it.

So yes, I am going to attempt to ride 100 miles in a single day. And yeah, part of it is because it is something I have always wanted to do. But if you know anything about me, fund raising - aka, asking for money - is NOT something I do. Ever. In the case though, I'm sucking it up for the kids and giving it a shot. I hope you can help.

Here's the informational stuff:

The programs funded by the CT Challenge Ride were renamed Mission to better position them as a flagship for cancer survivors everywhere. Mission exists to inspire everyone who has stared down cancer to live a fuller life, with newfound strength and purpose. There are no limits. See more at 

I hope you will support my efforts by making a secure online donation by clicking on the "Donate Now" button or by printing out a donor form and sending it in with a check (click here for the form). Thank you so much. Together, we're changing lives. 




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