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Team Captain NBC Sports CT Challenge 2019

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In 2016, a doctor stuck his latex covered hand in my mouth and pressed down on my tongue. The pain was excruciating."You've got a mass in there and I'm 99.9% sure it's a malignancy."

So began my cancer journey. 35 radiation treatments, 3 rounds of chemo, 20 pounds lost, a whole lot of pain and more love than any man rightfully deserves. The support system that surrounded me was almost embarrassing. From my colleagues to my family members to the State Trooper that nabbed me for speeding on my first day of treatment, everyone in my life seemed to be looking out for me. 

I am profoundly aware that not everyone has this luxury. I am riding the CT Challenge to make sure that those that needing a helping hand to live with their diagnosis are given one. The dollars dedicated to cancer research are prodigious and medicine plays a huge part in fighting the disease. But having the ability to continue living and even prospering in mind, body and soul while undergoing treatment is of incredible importance as well. This is what The Mission aims to do for cancer warriors. It gives them the resources and the help necessary to keep moving forward. From summer camps to workout regimens, The Mission is a resource that focuses on what's possible for people who are hearing a lot about what's not.   

Over the past year, my cousin Kathie has fought an epic battle with melanoma that started in her heel and now effects her brain. Despite some really challenging circumstances, Kathie continues to fight by setting personal goals and fully embracing the joys of her life as a grandmother, parent and wife. My career has been spent covering athletic achievement. After losing feeling on one side of her body early last year, Kathie set her mind to walking at my sister's August wedding. Seeing her on her feet at the ceremony was one of the most inspiring physical displays I've witnessed. I'm dedicating my 100 miles to her. In so many ways, she and her husband Paul have been an inspiration. More than anything, their spirit and dignity remind me that our greatest strength comes when we stand together.

Please join me in my efforts to turn victims into victors. Let's help people to live at their fullest no matter their diagnosis.

You can make a secure online donation by clicking on the "Support Me" button or by printing out a donor form and sending it in with a check (click here for the form). Thank you so much. 




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