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Dear Friends,

For the seventh year in a row I am riding my bike 100 miles for the Ct Challenge (CTC).  Our team, Just Beat It, has 6 of my business partners from The Private Wealth Partners joining me.  I am proud of their commitment and dedication.  While the combination of one of the most challenging 100 mile rides in New England coupled with hot summer weather always makes this day tough, nothing compares to the challenges facing cancer survivors.  Beating cancer is just the first battle.  Adjusting life styles and managing through the side effects of the battle are lifelong.

I am not crazy.  Asking for money and riding 100 miles in the hills of Connecticut in the middle of July is not a lot of fun.  However, meeting a survivor of cancer who has benefited from the resources provided by the Mission will definitely change anyone’s attitude.  The CT Challenge (CTC) is a game-changing nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the 15.5 million cancer survivors in Connecticut and throughout the U.S. rebuild, improve and prolong their lives through exercise, nutrition, mind-body health and community-building support programs. The CTC opened the Center for Survivorship in 2012 as an incubator for best practices in cancer survivorship care. The CT Challenge Bike Event is the primary funding vehicle for the paradigm-shifting programs advanced by Mission.

Until we can develop a cure for cancer we need to find ways to support those who are learning to deal with surviving it.  

Last year, with your support, our team “Just Beat It” was one of the top fund raisers among all teams. You have been super generous in the past  and I hope we can count on you again. You can make a secure online donation by clicking on the "Donate Now" button or by printing out a donor form and sending it in with a check (click here for the form). Thank you so much. Together, we're changing lives. 

John Straus




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