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CT Challenge 2017

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Subject: Bad News/Good News

The Bad News: In January, I had to undergo hip replacement surgery due to arthritic cartilage deterioration. My recovery process has been slow and I will not be able to ride in the Ct Challenge this year. I am so disappointed, although I am making steady progress.

The Good News: The Ct Challenge team has invited me to participate in the opening ceremonies on July 29th and to enter the race as a “virtual rider”. This, of course is due to the tremendous donation success that you and I have made over 6 years-now totals about $108,000.

On Friday, July 28, I will ride my usual 25 miles, but as a virtual rider on my stationary bike in Roxbury, CT. On Saturday, July 29th, I will join Jeff Keith & his fabulous team for the opening ceremonies in Southport Ct.

Although this year’s venue has changed due to my bionic left hip, I hope that you will support my efforts and make another generous donation to help the CT Challenge cancer survivors  by making a secure online donation by clicking on the "Support Me " button or by printing out a donor form and sending it in with a check (click here for the form)

Thanks again;the best of health to you & your loved ones

Pete  Pappas ,aka “the Bionic Kid”






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